We provide adolescent education on proper handling of family pets and how to read a dogs body language, the do’s, and do nots that have to do with family dogs and all dogs. Proper handling, leash walks, introductions, human and animal. Local and State laws and by laws, keys ways to spot abuse and neglect in their communities, and how to report it. We are an accredited Pit bull breed educator through The Boys and Girls Clubs of America (Merrimack Valley) and Northwestern Mass specifically. We often invite and partner up with the local (ACO’S) Animal Control Officers and Police departments on these educational events. We feel that it is important for our youth to feel comfortable with the unsung hero’s of Animal Control and the local police department they work for and within their communities. We are also hands on, where we will have at least one to two Bully type dogs with us at the classes and let the children handle as well as demonstrate what they have learned under supervision of course. This class has proved to be a huge success in the communities we have dealt with and welcome any youth organization to participate. Please contact us if you are interested in having a 90 minute education session within your facility followed by Q&A then hands on.

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