Family Crisis intervention


We have a dedicated team of trained professionals and a great collaborative of bully counselors that will offer advice and action when there are problems at home to help remedy the situation as soon as possible so dog owners don’t feel they have no other choice than to find their dog they love a new home.

 -Some of many examples on this topic could be conflicts of animal and human kind in the home-

 “Help, my dog is acting crazy and I don’ know why. But I did get a new cat, puppy, just had a baby, girlfriend / boyfriend just moved in …”

“I can’t keep my dog…because I don’t have the time it deserves. “I don’t like this one but we can offer some suggestions to help you”

I don’t crate my dogs because it’s mean. You are actually providing a safe place and you know what, your dog loves it.

Stressful homes, divorce, arguing, shouting, banging, dogs do not like conflict in their lives and will react out of fear.

If you need help call us at 339-204-1815 or email