One of the worst things that can happen to a dog is losing its family. Every year, thousands of dogs are abandoned by their owners and find themselves sad and confused in a kennel, wondering what they ever did to deserve such cruelty. It is also key to know that the history / histories of a huge majority of shelter and rescue dogs is actually unknown .Unfortunately, pit bulls are one of the more common breeds that find themselves in shelters. Due to the breed’s reputation, they have a harder time being adopted and are usually one of the top breeds to be euthanized. For pit bulls, surrender at a shelter is usually a death sentence.

 We began our TRAIN-A-BULL shelter project two years ago in 2016. This program is based on the findings that shelters, and rescues use (most of the time) which is a simple evaluation done to the dog at the shelter. Based on these findings the dog is either deemed a dangerous dog and put to sleep, or adoptable with conditions, i.e. good with kids, not with cats, food aggressive, etc.  We found that historically, the dog you see in the shelter is not the dog that is being presented. Any dog that is presented at a shelter for adoption, in a cage, that was just found, surrendered, unclaimed or however the animal got there is , afraid, on guard, unfamiliar, confused, sad, and extremely stressed and is jumping up and down, barking  aggressively, or shaking in the corner. Most of these dogs are extremely frightened at this point in the shelter.  This is not the time or the place to do a proper evaluation that could determine life or death. Decompression along with alone/love one on one time is essential to any dogs successful adoption. Presentation is everything at a shelter for a potential adopt.

 The TRAIN-A-BULL shelter project is a proven method where we pull the dog from the shelter “off-site” and allow the dog to properly decompress with a professional trainer. This is where a “reactive” dog can safely decompress, and be properly assessed without distractions. Peeling back the layers and breaking down of the dog and its negative as well as positive triggers. Then start reconditioning the animal until they are looking to you, and or an alpha for their next move or command. Making their chances of a successful adoption increase 3 fold. At this point if the dog is not a threat and professionally deemed adoptable we will, network that dog for an adopter who will then get to know the dog and work with that professional trainer to ensure it is a proper fit. The Full Bulls New England works with trusted, proven, professional trainers and relies on your tax deductible donations to help the shelter dog in need that we have chosen for this program.


Our first Full Bulls New England TRAIN-A-BULL candidate and graduate!  
So what do we do?......We ask for your help with donations to sponsor Corey and we gather our professional trainers for an accurate "off site" evaluation. He was transferred to one of our trainer collaborative's under the care and supervision of the Full Bulls NE. His issues "mostly manners" and some fear, were identified by our professional trainers. Corey was allowed a week of decompression time and then we went right to work on him. 
Working daily on repetition and staying vigilant, our trainers had Corey at a 180 degree turn in his introduction's with other dogs, and potential adopters that had once turned their heads on him behind his cage.   Corey now spends his days chilling with his new family in a warm, safe, loving environment and his parents are also following up on training as recommended.
Corey is now living his life thanks to your donations that put him through the TRAIN-A-BULL program.   We would like to thank Gardner Mass Animal Shelter, The staff and the Animal Control Officers who cared for Corey and believed in him. Our trainers who handled Corey and turned him around whom we are extremely proud of, K-9 Kompanions, you are awesome!


ALI at the age of five Ali was surrendered by her owners due to her sibling becoming aggressive. At  no fault of her own, since her pack mate had become aggressive, her owners thought it was inevitable that she would become aggressive as well, even though she had shown no signs, and decided to give her up.  Prior to her arrival at the shelter she had been boarded in a private kennel for weeks where she had no human interaction. She was then surrendered to a local shelter when the boarding was becoming too much of an expense.
When surrendered her family thought it would be best if she was the only dog. Ali was scared and afraid and would hide in the corner of her kennel when potential adopters came to meet her making it very hard for her to find a new home. This is when Full-Bull's stepped in and brought her to one of our trainer's for assessment and decompression.
Ali had completely shut down from her experience, and it took roughly two months for her to come out of her shell, trust human's again, and be a "DOG" Ali now lives with a wonderful family and is very much loved, happy and secure! We would like to thank Leather and Lace K9 Academy for turning Ali around and bringing her out of her shell. As well as the shelter staff and Animal Control Officer's  who believed in Ali. Great work!! 

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